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Prannoy HS | Badminton player | National and International
Niranjan Mukundan | Indian professional swimmer

Prannoy H S

Indian Professional Badminton Player

Niranjan Mukundan

Indian Professional Swimmer

Amit Saroha | pralympian, club thrower

Amit Saroha

Paralympian - Club Throw

mithali raj, indian cricket team, captain, women's team, cricketer

Mithali Raj

Indian Professional Cricketer

  • Physical Literacy

  • Movement Vocab.

  • Participation

  • Creativity

  • Critical Thinking

  • Cooperation etc.

Sampling Years



  • Foundational training

  • Athlete preparation for High Performance

  • Sport Specialization

Learn to Train (14-16)

Learn to Compete (17-21)



  • Performance optimization

  • Individualised programming

  • Injury prevention and recovery



21 and above

The transition from play to academy to prime represents a journey of progression and development in the realm of physical activity and sports. During the play stage (7-13 years), children explore various physical activities, focusing on developing physical literacy, fostering participation, and nurturing creativity and critical thinking. As they enter the academy stage (14-21 years), foundational training becomes a priority, building a strong base of physical fitness, sport-specific skills, and tactical understanding. Athletes in this stage are prepared for high-performance sports through structured training and sport specialization. Finally, in the prime stage (21 and above), the focus shifts to optimizing performance potential through personalized training programs, advanced techniques, and specialized strategies. The transition from Play! to Academy to Prime signifies a progression towards higher levels of skill, performance, and dedication in pursuit of athletic excellence.

The Invictus Play! program has been designed to teach physical literacy by providing the children (ages 7-13) with a vast movement vocabulary via exploration and diversity of physical exercise.

Invictus Play.jpg

Invictus Academy is a platform for introducing formal training to youth athletes coming out of foundational training. We aim at preparing athletes from ages 14-20 by progressing them through the stages of learning to competition.

invictus academy2.jpg

Performance training is a multi-dimensional practice, it is no longer about physical development alone and has evolved to encompass a myriad of contributing factors.

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