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Performance training is a multi-dimensional practice, it is no longer about physical development alone and has evolved to encompass  a myriad of  contributing factors.


We are in the process of a fundamental shift in the paradigm governing human performance and this requires an all-hands-on-deck approach. Our team of experts work together in a pluralistic, interdisciplinary manner, to create bespoke solutions for each individual/team by addressing their pillars of performance while simultaneously mitigating risks.

Total Performance Mastery: Powering Champions to Victory

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Professional Team Management

There are numerous elements that need to work together to ensure success in team sports. Our diverse team caters to all aspects of sports performance for professional teams and academies. We address everything from High performance testing, season planning, performance training, data and video analysis, and injury management to developing team cohesiveness and other traits through specially curated activities.


Pre-Season Training

  • Test and train

  • Season planning and Goal setting

  • Team building

  • Individual development

  • Establish basic health parameters

  • Preparation for the upcoming season

  • On-field and Off-Field Workload monitoring

  • Tactics lead conditioning

In-Season Training

  • Autoregulated training

  • Injury management and RTP

  • Workload and wellness management

  • Tracking and monitoring readiness for strategy options

  • Maintaining peak sport form

  • Weekly training programs based on fixtures

  • Peaking strategies

Off-Season Training

  • Structured deload

  • Offsite team building and reflection

  • Workload and injury assessment to prepare for the next season

  • Assist in tactical decisions using training and season workload data

  • Closing reports

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Performance Assessment and Monitoring

  • High Performance Testing

  • Sport-Specific Performance Programs

  • Long-term Programming (6 months - 4 years)

  • Short-term Programming (3 - 6 months)


Team Building and Development

  • Pre and Offseason Outdoors Team Building

  • Basic Survival Boot Camps

  • Personality Development


Injury Management and Rehabilitation

  • Sport-Specific Performance Programs

  • Performance Therapy and Injury Management

  • Return-to-Play


Performance Analysis and Support

  • Video Analysis

  • Data Visualisation

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