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Longevity and performance are depicted as polar opposites - with longevity being about improving quality of life and performance aiming at pushing the limits. With our programs we seek to empower our clients to find their unique range between longevity and performance for their chosen lifestyles.


Invictus since its  inception was built on the belief that human performance is for all. Along with our expert partners, we use a wide variety of tests that help provide deeper insights into the factors that contribute to longevity - creating programs that factor in your goals as well as the current state of your health - physical, physiological and cognitive.  

We address the primary pillars of longevity, integrating the physical, mental, nutritional and lifestyle components that impact outcomes for an individual's health and wellness. Based on comprehensive assessments, we use  multiple modalities such as breathwork, exercise training, targeted nutrition and biofeedback to create customized solutions to help you achieve your unique goals.


This program is especially for individuals who are phasing into the next stage of life, it's for the young soul with an aging body who wants a prolonged career and a healthy retirement. It's for the entrepreneurs who want to prioritize health in the later stages of their career and want a professional guided approach towards it.

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