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Empowering Performance Excellence through Integrated Learning

Our field requires a greater appreciation of the complex dynamics and relationships that define human performance and this requires that coaches and therapists become more scientific, and scientists become more practical - Only through speaking the same language and by practicing a systems based thinking approach, can we hope to solve these complex problem statements so that athletes can have the best probabilities of success.

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Courses and Presentations


Courses and Presentations

Our courses present an opportunity to learn in a structured manner with a diverse menu to choose from. We cover concepts ranging from fundamental concepts all the way to advanced elements in various fields. Our content is delivered by an online medium and is self-paced in nature.



Over the years we have conducted several workshops and lectures in coordination with industry leading experts and have presented to a variety of audiences including Strength and Conditioning practitioners, physical therapists, performance analysts, physiologists, biomechanists, skill coaches of various disciplines and educators around the nation.



We have curated a library of podcasts conducted with industry leading experts to provide an audio and experience based learning pathway.

Quality Education.

Diverse Disciplines.

Holistic Development.

Research and case studies

Badminton world federation
Universitat de Girona
Universidad Europea Madrid


Apprenticeship Programs

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This program covers the fundamentals of SnC and sports science, and further explores the various advancements in each facet of the field, along with practical application at our center with real world applications.

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The program covers the basics of physical and performance therapy and seeks to educate aspiring practitioners entering the next phase of their careers. This program bridges the gap between rehabilitation and performance for physical therapists. This is a hands-on program taking you through the ins and outs of physiotherapy as a practice.

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