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Invictus Performance Lab


Unleash your potential
I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul.
Sports performance training

Strength and Conditioning

Rehabilitation and Prehabilitation


Sports Nutrition

Sports Psychology

Exercise Physiology

Motor Control and Development

Technical Sports Coaching




2500 +

hours of skill refinement

300 +

state, national and international level athletes

20 +

sporting disciplines


We started our journey as Invictus in 2016, with a deep-rooted need to formulate an ecosystem, placing it’s focus on the ideology of human performance and the growth mindset for everyone, through  holistic and transdisciplinary methods. From preventative health to sports performance, our journey has been distinctive. Informed by the integrative disciplines of science, our programmes empower individuals and organizations to create systemic change that improves efficiency and performance, mitigates the effects of injury and disease and educates key stakeholders in the process...


Mode : Offline/Online

Get consultations from the comfort of your home.

How does it work?

With our “Hands-off” treatment and functional approach, get access to a fully integrated program that aims at delivering high-quality coaching while monitoring injuries.


Virtual Training

Our virtual training programs give you the flexibility to workout in any location whether you are at home or traveling, while being under the expert eye of our coaches. The Virtual sessions ensure you have your coaches with you at all times ensuring accountability and continuity at all times.


Virtual Assessments

Invictus continuously evolves on evidence-based principles to provide people with effective and reliable guidance, with tools to assist one’s recovery by focusing on training continuity through various scenarios like travel, sickness and work. With a battery of tests adapted to online platforms, our  assessments address various aspects of health and performance, quantifying progress and ensuring accountability. 

Virtual Rehab, Virtual Training and Virtual assessments (offline training, rehab and assessments)

Meet the team

Shiva Subramanian

Shiva Subramanian

Founder and Innovator

Varun Shetty

Varun Shetty

Founder, Director and High-Performance Coach

Rohan Mathew

Rohan Mathew

Director, Exercise Physiologist and High-Performance Coach


Mithali Raj, Indian Crickter

"I must give a special mention to Varun, who has dedicated a lot of time to my training sessions. He personally monitors each session, focusing on posture, progressive body loading, and cardio and strength endurance."

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