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Relax, Recharge and Recover!

Unleash your full potential with Invictus: bridging the gap between rehabilitation and performance, we offer comprehensive injury recovery and prevention programs, empowering you to conquer life's challenges and achieve peak performance.


Hosting a range of modalities, Invictus bridges the gap between traditional rehabilitation and performance training to help you counteract the many curveballs life throws at you. Using a holistic approach to each injury, Invictus offers a complete evaluation of injury and its contributing factors.

Our Recovery Lab specializes in preventing injuries and optimizing recovery that are related to sport and non-sporting injuries. Our road to recovery encompasses comprehensive return-to-play/life strategies through a multi-faceted approach.

Feel better. Cope better. Perform better.

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  • Our Prehabilitation program is a pre-emptive program that involves personalized risk assessment and exercise drills designed to improve strength, flexibility, and motor control in the areas most vulnerable to injuries. The underlying goal is to maximise an athlete or non-athlete’s potential while reducing the chances of any unwanted injuries. Our professionals work in unison with a broader performance team inclusive of physicians who, if necessary, ensure that the treatment plans are integrated. 

  • This program focuses on achieving functional outcomes before surgery and recovery post-surgery, shortening the time to return-to-activity


  • At Invictus, we help individuals to effectively treat injuries and achieve optimal performance, which is crucial to enhance physical function, well-being and integrate an individual back into their chosen lifestyle. Whether at home or work, Invictus' team of  experts ensures that individuals reach their end-goal efficiently.


  • An injury is devastating at any level or to any age group and is seen mostly in individuals participating in sports and athletic activities. We analyse the different contributing factors leading upto the injury, your previous performance metrics, and upcoming competition timelines to plan your recovery. 

  • Each stage of the RTP protocol has both qualitative and quantitative tests to progress from one phase to the next. In this phase, the physical therapist, skill coach, and the strength and conditioning coach work together to customize the program.



Optimal Recovery Strategies based on exercise and body type


Data and technology to track recovery


Periodic manual testing


Daily wellness and Workload Monitoring




Exercise-based return-to-play

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