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Give your child an extraordinary start with our fun and engaging play sessions that foster creativity, teach movement and instill essential life skills through decision making, cooperation and teamwork



Invictus Play

Our program allows your child to explore a variety of physical activities while learning essential life skills and developing bio-motor abilities.


This lays the groundwork for success in any sport, boosts their confidence and inculcates an interest for physical activity that will last a lifetime.

We aim to create a nurturing environment where psychosocial, educational, and lifestyle factors come together to foster a positive outlook towards sports and training.


Picture your child growing stronger, more coordinated, and flexible as they master the basics of gymnastics in a fun and supportive environment.


Our program is designed not only to encourage exploration and enjoyment, but also to build a solid foundation in developing essential strength and movement skills that can prevent injuries and prepare them for more specialized sports skills in the future.

Join us to give your child a strong start in their athletic journey!

Invictus Gym

Foundational movement learning in a safe and structured environment

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